About Us

Global Africans is a team of experts who aim make visa application process simpler and easier for the African students and increase their reach to rest of the world. Our first project was to make IELTS education free and accessible to all students and we accomplished that with our platform http://www.eltecenglish.com

Now, we wish to transform the future of African students by helping them connect with the world. We’re not any other consultants. Unlike other agents, our priorities are different. We believe in CUSTOMER FIRST. Everything else is secondary.

We provide each student right career guidance by understanding her past performance and future aspirations.

It all starts with Global Africans!

Global Africans team takes care of everything including

  1. Providing Guidance about the Programs/Degrees/Diplomas offered by Foreign Universities to their Ranking and their admission criteria.
  2. Applying to Colleges/Universities for the student.
  3. Assistance with Loan process and advice.
  4. Visa Filing.
  5. Follow up with respective Embassies.
  6. Pre-Departure Counseling.
  7. Facilitating Airport Pickup services.

In addition to this, Global Africans has direct tie-ups “Top Colleges and Universities” abroad both Government as well as Private and often students have a chance to meet the officials from the Institutions directly at our events where they can get spot admission assessments and find out if that Institution is the right choice for them. Our visa success rate is also amongst the highest.