Most favorable country for African Students.

A quiz question: Which is the most preferred country for education among English-speaking African students?

Most would guess the U.S.A. Some would go for the U.K. CNBC-Africa, in one of its recent reports, ranked China as leading destination for African students. Though Europe (2013) as a continent remains the top destination for Africans (49%), it is rapidly losing ground to China and intra-continental migration.

Here are some statistics to digest.

The approximate number of African students in various countries (per annum) are as follows:

  1. France: 95000
  2. China: 50000
  3. U.S.A and U.K: 40000

Africans have the highest student mobility in the world. One in ten international students in the world is Africans.

The key questions are:

  1. Why is France a preferred destination for Africans?
  2. What factors have led to the emergence of China as leading international education provider?

The Chinese Ministry of Education recently came out with statistics on international students from various continents:

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 8.35.28 PM

Clearly, the percentage of African students has gradually increased since 2003. Not only is the Chinese education cheaper as compared to western countries, China also offers scholarships to African students. The Chinese government at China-Africa Cooperation Johannesburg Action Plan (2016-18) pledged about 30,000 scholarships to African students by 2018 along with 2000 degree education opportunities. The purpose behind such extensive cooperation is to bridge the human resource gap in African continent through vocational education.

China-African education cooperation goes deeper than merely offering African students educational opportunities in China. China is also building several vocational education institutions in various African countries to train 200,000 African and provide 40,000 training opportunities to such personnel in China.

Such measures go way beyond what other countries are offering.

I’ll soon come with an article on affordability of Chinese education. Stay tuned for more.

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Students fail University of Liberia Entrance Exam

The University of Liberia, based at Monrovia, recently reported that a large number of students failed to qualify entrance exam for the University. Out of more than 8000 candidates, only 1900 passed the exam. However, the result is much better than past results.

In 2013, none of the 25000 candidates passed the exam.

In 2015, only 15 students passed the test out of 13000 candidates.

The result was much better in 2016 when more than 1700 students cleared the exam.

The results of this exam reflect poor standards of education in the West-African country. This problem is also reflected in West African Regional Examinations in which only one Liberian student was selected.

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African students abandon South Africa

Inordinate delays in visa grants and fear of xenophobia are likely to severely reduce the number of African students enrolling in South African universities. For instance, the University of Pretoria, which receives more than 1000 applications in Humanities department, has received only 200 in 2017.

Visa processing is sometimes painfully slow and some international African students have to wait for more than one year for a student visa after a South African university has granted them admission. South Africa’s loss may be some other country’s gain. Perhaps China’s.

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